ALLERGY PLEX 07 (Cereals 1 inc Gluten) 30ml Drops-Urenus

ALLERGY PLEX 07 (Cereals 1 inc Gluten) 30ml Drops

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Indications: Allergies to cereals in general; intolerance to gluten; also effective in the treatment of constipation and Asthenia; allergies to Vitamin B complex.

Composition: Barley, whole wheat, wheat, oats, rye, wheat flour, gluten, millet, baking yeast, chicory, fibre.
Potencies: 4CH, 6CH, 9CH, 12CH, 15CH, 20CH, 24CH
Amylase 4CH, Carbo vegetabilis D8, D10, D12, D15, Eichornia crassipes D2, Natrium carbonicum D10, D12 Natrium sufuricum D6, D8 Pancreas 4CH