ALLERGY PLEX 28 (Chemical Substances) 30ml Drops-Urenus

ALLERGY PLEX 28 (Chemical Substances) 30ml Drops

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Indications: _Intolerances and allergies to all types of pesticide and anti-oxidant. It is also indicated in the treatment of all undefined symptoms and chronic asthenia.

Composition: Colouring agents: E200-210-214-216-218-239-310-312-320-321
Acetone, Basodin, Benzopyrene, Benzene, Delts, Derosal, Dimilir, Formaline, Malathion, Paraquat, Sporgon, Trementine, Trichloretylene.
Potencies: 6CH, 7CH, 8CH, 9CH, 10CH, 11CH, 12CH, 13CH, 14CH, 15CH

Berberis vulgaris D3, D6, Natrium bicarbonicum D6, D8, D10, Carbo vegetabilis D8, D10, Phosphorus D9, D12, D15, Juniperus communis Gemmae D1