ENDOCRINOTOX 11 (Hyperthyroid metabolism) 30ml Drops-Urenus

ENDOCRINOTOX 11 (Hyperthyroid metabolism) 30ml Drops

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All disorders due to subclinical hyperfunctions of the thyroid. It is also suitable for accelerated metabolism, Hypertension, Hyperhidrosis, diarrhoea, insomnia, intolerance to heat, allergies and nervous overstimulation.

It is also indicated for thyroid endocrine types. The thyroid also plays a dominant role in this endocrine type. They are generally tall with long limbs and are extremely thin. They have a good appetite and prefer proteins, sugar and coffee.

This endocrine type can work intensely for long periods of time, then they have periods of fatigue. Under stress, they have a tendency to become irritable and prefer bread and eggs.

They are sensitive to cold and have a predisposition towards influenza, colitis and allergies.

Dosage: _10 drops, 3 times a day, several minutes before or after meals.

10 drops before bedtime (more effective).

Combine with: Endocrinotox No. 3 and Endocrinotox No. 2 (general male and female regulation)

Composition: Iodum D12/D30, Ficus carica gemmae D1, Passiflora incarnata TM, Arsenum iodatum D9, Calcium fluoratum D12, Fucus vesiculosus D15, Badiaga D12/D15, Spongia D15, Kalium carbonicum D6, Thyreoidea D15/D30, Pilocarpus D4, Nux vomica D12, Humulus lupulus TM, Bromum D9, Anacardium D9, Phosphorus D12, Ignatia D4, Zincum valerianicum D5