Alternative perspectives on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

by Urenus .


Keywords: Nosodes and Vaccine, Antiviral Homeopathic Remedy, Low Dose Treatment

In theory

The Coronavirus 2019 (COVID 19) first originated in Wuhan, capital of the province of Hubei in China. This virus comes from the family of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared this infectious disease as a pandemic due to its contagious and rapid spreading nature. 

A virus is the smallest microbe originating from the parasites, so infinitely small that millions could fit inside the head of a pin. It is a small biomolecule of nucleic acid either of DNA or RNA that carries genetic substance. COVID 19 is, in a positive sense, single-stranded RNA virus.

A virus needs a host to survive, replicate and grow. Once it enters into the host cell, it takes control of host genetic elements, starts replicating in the cell and causes the death of host cells. COVID 19 is a SARS-Cov-2 (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2), belongs to the B lineage which enters into the host cells by binding to the ACE2 receptor. B lineage is a type of flu virus that causes respiratory infection, and it can only pass from human to human. ACE2 (Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2) is an enzyme attached to the outer surface cell membrane of the lungs, arteries, heart, kidneys and intestines.

COVID 19 can spread by direct contact from a human to another or through droplets. Hence, the use of a surgical mask (or sneezing and coughing into a flexed elbow) is advisable.  

Effective use of treatment for COVID 19 is under evaluation. No therapy or vaccine is available yet. Experts claim that it will take at least a year to invent it and one and half years to be approved. In such a scenario, people rely on traditional medicines and use an alternative method of treatment. Consequently, this article will explore homoeopathy as a focal point. 


Homoeopathy itself has a unique approach for healing. Dr Samuel Hahnemann was a German physician who invented Homeopathy in 1796. He used the term allopathy for the conventional system in medicine: the treatment of ailments through conventional means, i.e. with drugs having opposite effects to the symptoms. He then conceived homoeopathy as a new system, a system of complementary medicine in which ailments are treated with tiny doses of substances found in nature which in large amounts produce the symptoms of the ailment.

There is severe criticism on Homeopathy due to lack of scientific proofs it offers. Critics say homoeopathy is a pseudoscience that uses highly diluted substances as a remedy which do not have any organic material. Also, several claim homoeopathy works as a placebo effect due to its infinitesimal ingredients.

However, there are numerous physicians like Dr Constantine Hering, Dr Reckeweg and Dr Bach, who gave a significant contribution to homoeopathy and expanded it much further. Constantine Hering who was previously sceptic on homoeopathy, gave his contribution after treating a wound on his finger with a homoeopathic remedy, Arsenicum Album. His contribution to homoeopathy is called Hering's Law of Cure. "All cures start from inside to out, from the head to down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared or have been suppressed".

Dr Reckeweg is a German physician, while he was desperate finding a treatment for his father, he got in touch with homoeopathy through Professor August Bier. After getting passionate with homoeopathy, he expanded it much further as a homotoxicology as an anti-homotoxic therapy.

Dr Bach, a surgeon, bacteriologist and pathologist who studied medicine, turned to a homoeopath taking a role as a Homeopath, at Royal London of Homeopathic Hospital. He developed bowel nosodes from cultures of non-lactose fermenting bacterial flora of the intestinal tract.

He isolated bacilli and developed vaccines through the homoeopathic potentisation method; he cured many patients. He later developed remedies as flowers in liquid form which are now accessible as Bach Flower Remedies. 

Nosodes and Vaccines 

Vaccines are produced in the laboratory from Pathogens (viruses and bacteria) by infecting cells grown in tissue culture. Then the pathogen is weakened, or partially removed to achieve a less harmful strain. Vaccine production, on the contrary to homoeopathic nosodes, is vigorously tested on mice and human beings for at least a year before approval.

Homoeopathic nosodes are created from diseased human or animal tissues or discharges and sarcodes from healthy animal tissues and secretions. These are diluted into the water, so different potencies are created. As opposed to vaccines, homoeopathic nosodes and sarcodes are tested on healthy human beings until they create disease symptoms. This method is called 'proving'. Sceptics argue that homoeopathic nosodes and sarcodes are harmful or ineffective for not being tested as per the scientific method.

Antiviral Homeopathic Remedies

There are a few reputable homoeopathic companies which are producing antiviral remedies such as HEEL Gmbh, Dr Reckeweg Germany, Guna Italy and many others. Their products are available in globules, drops for oral use, as well as injectable vials.

Dr Vinod Kumar is the man who has re-established plant-based spagyric therapy of Italian herbalist Count Ceasar Mattei in the United Kingdom. He stated in an interview that Homeopathic remedies are one of the best holistic treatments which can fight symptoms of COVID 19, if treatment is planned according to the symptoms.

Research outcomes of two different sources in China, showed that fever, cough and breathing difficulties are the most common symptoms among all COVID 19 patients.

Dr Nethaji Thiyagarajan, a conventional scientist, evolved his points of view from research articles in public database PubMed; he says the therapy could focus on three aspects –


  1. Fever: to control body temperature,
  2. Cough: removes mucus from lungs and
  3. Healthy diet: improves digestive system to fight COVID 19 in patients.


These could be administered to individuals who are developing symptoms of COVID 19. At this moment, there is no advice for people in isolation other than to isolate them. They cannot reach out to medicines; therefore, these people should be treated and assisted urgently.

Considering that not everyone in isolation is infected with COVID 19, the symptoms would go away. However, for those who are infected, they need to boost their immune response as soon as they develop symptoms. The suggested natural medicine would not represent a threat or bring any side-effects, it is useful to treat symptoms, and it can be safely administered.

Low dose remedies

Companies which produce complex homoeopathic remedies emphasise on low dose remedies, under 12c dilution which contains traceable elements. Guna claims that low dose medicines treat patients gently without any side effects and act on the roots of disease and treat the diseases from their roots.

At this time, when there is no choice for people other than to self-isolate, research-based homoeopathic remedies can be administered to patients which are gentle in their action and no side effects whatsoever.

Many homeopathic products have shown positive results in research for their antiviral effectiveness. In the National Center for Biotechnology Information research published by Kerstin Roeska and Bernd Seilheimer on two ultra-low-dose combination medications, Engystol® and Gripp-Heel®, have documented efficacy for the treatment of the respiratory infections and demonstrated a prophylactic effect against viral respiratory virus replication.


Similarly, in vitro analysis on Antiviral activity of Engystol published by Oberbaum M, Glatthaar-Saalmüller B, Stolt P, Weiser M on PubMed indicates antiviral activity.

Here, the result shows 'A 73% reduction of Adeno 5 specific proteins and an 80% reduction in HSV-1 specific proteins were observed in ELISAs of virus-infected cells treated with Engystol after infection. The effects appeared to be dose-dependent. With these viruses, similar results were observed in titration assays of viral offspring from cells treated with Engystol. Pretreatment of adenovirus with Engystol did not inhibit the infectivity of the virus suspension and no Engystol-induced stimulation of interferon-alpha could be observed. Plaque-reduction assays with the RNA viruses, RSV and HRV, showed reductions in infectivity by 37% (RSV) and 20% (HRV), respectively'.


In another ex-vivo study on children submitted to adenoid surgery, Published by Elsevier B.V. (European Federation of Immunological Societies), it states that Citomix of Guna might be a promising medication in preventing and early treating respiratory infections. Guna indicates its use for the prevention of infections; boosting of immune defences in acute and chronic infections, and for the treatment of acute inflammatory symptoms of infectious origin.


Active ingredients & Purposes:

Ananassa 3X___Immune Support

G-CSF 4C, 9C, 15C, 30C___Immune Support

Hydrocotyle asiatica 3X___Inflammation

Interferon gamma 4C___Immune Support

Interleukin 1beta 5C___Immune Support

Interleukin 2 5C, 7C___Fever Reducer

Interleukin 4 4C___Fever Reducer

Interleukin 6 7C, 9C, 15C___Immune Support

Lymphatic vessel 4C___Detoxification

Medulla ossis 4C___Detoxification

Mountain cranberry 3X___Decongestion

Thymus gland 4C___Immune Support


Dr Reckeweg R88 antiviral drops are prepared from diluting pathogens; Coxsackie, Diphterinum, Epstein Barr, Herpes simplex, Herpes zoster, Influencinum, Mononucleosis, Morbillinum, Poliomyelitis, V-Grippe. Dr Reckeweg claims, 'The above ingredients are highly diluted so that none of the viruses remains in the product, the energy of the virus stimulates the immune system to defend against the intruders. This becomes a safe immunization formula to safely (without side effects) increase the natural defence against viruses'.


Research published by The American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy on Dr Reckeweg Anti-viral drops 88 indicates that 'R88-A3Gm is a highly potent HIV-1 inhibitor, and R88-A3Gm–based anti-HIV gene therapy is capable of targeting both active and latent HIV-1–infected cells to prevent subsequent viral replication and spreading.


A classical homoeopathic approach


Traditional or classical homoeopathic prescribing is purely individualised and symptomatic where symptoms of patients are observed and matched with remedial symptoms. Then, the closest matching remedy, proper potency according to the progression of disease and dosage as per the gravity of the problem are determined.

In the Hahnemannian Classical homoeopathic method, a single homoeopathic remedy is given at a time after examining the emotional and physiological condition of the patient.

Arsenic Album 30C

AYUSH (Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha & Homoeopathy) advised people to take homoeopathic remedy Arsenic 30c as a preventive for COVID 19. The Ministry, in consultation with Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH), has advised one dose of the Arsenic 30c in empty stomach for three days. The dose should be repeated one month later if COVID 19 infections prevail in the community.

An interview with the Economic Times, the health Minister stated; "People have to be clear that there is no cure for Coronavirus as yet. They can take homoeopathy medicines to boost their immune system, but be very sure that it is not a treatment for Coronavirus,"

In scientific research carried out and published in PubMed on Escherichia coli Bacteria on Potentiated homoeopathic drug, Arsenicum Album 30C shows positive efficacy. It inhibits intracellular reactive oxygen species generation and up-regulates expression of arsenic resistance gene in arsenite-exposed bacteria Escherichia coli.

In conclusion, researchers state; 'Ars Alb 30C ameliorated arsenic toxicity and DNA damage, validating the efficacy of ultra-highly diluted remedies used in homoeopathy. 

Camphora 1M and 10M

In COVID 19 pandemic, one of the renowned Homeopath Dr Rajan Sankaran has given instructions to his former student doctor Aditya Kasariyans who is currently practising homoeopathy in Iran on COVID 19 patients. As informed, she put together the symptoms of 40 patients to select a single remedy for COVID 19 pandemic. Dr Rajan selected Champhora through homoeopathic repertorization and directed her to administer in 1m and 10m potency as per the status of the disease in the patients. Firstly, they were given to 2 patients who were recovered, then to 3 and at last to 8. All patients have recovered and impressive results achieved as per declared by Dr Aditya.

Dr Rajan Sankaran writes: "Champhora comes from a subclass Magnolidae which has the tendency of shutting itself in and walling off the outside world". From the rubric of 'Mind' Dr records, 'This seems to be the main picture in this epidemic situation, with everyone retreating into their own world and the outside world which is seen as dangerous and uncertain'.

More About 1M potency

Here, Dr Rajan chose 1M potency, which is highly diluted, we could say there is nothing organic Champhora remains in such infinitesimal potency.

Where one drop of Champhora is diluted in 100 drops of water, in a ratio of 1:100 to make 1C potency. From 1C, again this cycle is repeated 1000 times to make 1M potency = 1000C. Similarly, 10M yields a high potency where the dilution and succussion process has been repeated 10,000 times.

Now, the question is: How can this extremely diluted remedy offer a cure to COVID 19?

To better understand the answer, we should know the size of the virus. The average diameter of these virus particles is around 120nm.

This coronavirus is infinitely small so that it is able to enter into a human cell through the cell membrane.

This membrane is unusual, hence only the smallest uncharged polar molecules, such as H2O can diffuse through these membranes, but larger uncharged polar molecules such as glucose and charged molecules such as ions, are unable to diffuse through this phospholipid bilayer regardless of their size; even H+ ions cannot cross a lipid bilayer by free diffusion.

Therefore, Dr Hahnemann has developed a method of potentisation diluting the remedy to a molecular level, small enough to enter into the cell maintaining its medicinal property. Dr Rajan a skilful and experienced homeopath has wisely chosen 1M and 10M Potencies considering the size of pathogens and their ability to enter into an unbelievably small area of the cell.

Here is Dr Rajan's Prescription to Dr Aditya.

Prophylaxis: camphor 1m 4 pills twice daily 2 days..keep under tongue until melt..nothing but water 30 mins before and after.

Mild infection: camphor 1m 8 pills in 100 ml water..1 tablespoon 6 hourly for days until symptoms largely abate..nothing but water 30 mins before and after.

Severe infection: camphor 10m 8 pills in 100ml water..1 tablespoon 6 hourly for days until symptoms largely abate..nothing but water 30mins before and after.



COVID 19 emerged as a tremendous challenge for the world due to its universal scale of the outbreak. The world is frantically waiting for a vaccine. As this Coronavirus is unmanageable to control due to multiple reasons;

  1. Its nature of spreading by direct contact,
  2. Its manifestation in patients that sometimes gives erroneous diagnoses: false positive or false negative and
  3. Many infected patients are asymptomatic but can pass infections to others.

Furthermore, infections increase the severe risk in individuals who are immunocompromised as elderly, underlined conditions such as lung, kidney, heart problems, diabetes or cancer and deficient in antioxidants and immune-supporting minerals. Therefore, natural medicine is the way forward to support the immune system and minimise the risk of disease as well as shortening recovery time.


This is the real-time for companies, government and practitioners to distribute tested homoeopathic remedies;

(a) Engystol and Gripp- Heel of HEEL

(b) Guna- Citomix or

(c) Dr Reckeweg R88 Drops.


Or single homoeopathic remedy Arsenic 30c, Camphora 1m or 10m.


Once the infection has got subsidised regulatory therapy, more individualised treatment can be taken from experienced and qualified practitioners.


Note: This article is for research purposes only, and medicines suggested in this article are not a substitute for treatment of a qualified medical doctor. You MUST consult your doctor immediately when you develop any symptoms, get yourself examined and take the treatment recommended by your doctor.