Heel Remedy Dosages for Horses

Heel Remedies Dosages for Horses

Below we have outlined the dosages for Heel Remedies for horses.

This is a general guide on dosages for the different types of formulations these remedies come in.Ā 

(NB For stubborn conditions treatments can / may need to be treated for 3 - 6 months until fully recovered.)


Tablet Dosage

  • The normal dose would be 2 times a day, 6 tablets. So a total of 12 tablets a day.
  • Acute Dose - 3 times per day, take 6 to 10 tablets per dose.

I.e. if you give the tablets 3 times per day, and give them the max dose, this will be a total of 30 tablets per day.

If symptoms arenā€™t responding, then this is another reason to try a higher dose.

Use a higher dose with acute conditions.


Ampoule Dosage

  • The normal dosage is 5ml - 10ml per dose - 2-3 times per week.
  • Severe cases - 5 - 10ml per dose several times a day until there is improvement.

Drops Dosage

  • 20 ā€“ 30 drops - 2 ā€“ 3 times per day.

Gel / Ointment Dosage

Use the Gel / Ointment to reinforce your oral /Ā Ampoules. Can be applied to the affected area multiple times daily.Ā