ANTI AGE VEN Tube Containing 4 Grams of Granules

Guna SKU: GNA036
ANTI AGE VEN Tube Containing 4 Grams of Granules-Urenus

ANTI AGE VEN Tube Containing 4 Grams of Granules

Guna SKU: GNA036
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Indications: State of venous and lymphatic insufficiency, especially after exposure to sunlight.

Lengthy exposure to sunlight leads to the unpleasant sensation of swollen, heavy lower limbs, especially in predisposed women.

The composition of this product regulates and activates the venous and lymphatic circulation, especially if a state of circulatory insufficiency exists.

Thanks to its original formulation, this compound can also be used to prevent problems of venous insufficiency, oedema caused by stasis and the ƒheavy legƓ syndrome, associated with working activities that require an erect posture.

Standard dose: 3 granules morning and evening, at least 15 minutes before meals.

Composition: Arteria Suis 5CH, Vena Suis 5CH, Vasa Lymphatica 5CH, Vaccinium Vitis D3, Centella Asiatica D3, Ananassa Sativa D3, Hamamelis D3, Calcium Fluoratum D8, Lachesis D10, Aesculus D3, Pulsatilla D10, Mercurius solubilis D10, Ferrum metallicum D10, Viscum album D3, Arsenicum album D12, China rubra D10, Aconitum D10, Apis D10, Belladonna D10 and Arnica D10.