Diarrheel Tablets

Heel SKU: HL179
Diarrheel Tablets-Urenus
Diarrheel Tablets-Urenus

Diarrheel Tablets

Heel SKU: HL179
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Indications: Acute and chronic diarrhoea, gastroenteritis.

Contraindications: None known.

Side effects: Increased flow of saliva may occur after taking this medication; in such an event, do not continue therapy with this preparation.

Interactions with other medication: None known.

Dosage: In general, 1 tablet to be dissolved under the tongue 3 times daily. In acute disorders, initially 1 tablet every 15 minutes, over a period lasting up to two hours.

Composition: 1 tablet cont.: Argentum nitricum D 8, Acidum arsenicosum D 8, Colchicum D 6, Colocynthis D 6, Mercurius sublimatus corrosivus D 8, Podophyllum D 6, Veratrum D 4 30 mg each; Tormentilla D 2 60 mg.