DIGEST 30ml Drops

Guna SKU: GNA077
DIGEST 30ml Drops-Urenus

DIGEST 30ml Drops

Guna SKU: GNA077
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Functional dyspepsia of various origins: organic or caused by stress; postprandial sleepiness; postprandial bloating; secondary digestive disorders caused by food or alcohol abuse.

10 drops 3 times a day also for extended periods of time; as a shock therapy 10 drops every 30 minutes for two hours.
Package Size:

30 ml/1.0 fl. Oz. bottle
Most Common Combinations:

Guna-Digest + Guna-Bowel: irritable bowel syndrome.
Guna-Digest + Guna-Stomach: dyspeptic syndromes accompanied by gastritis.
Guna-Digest + Eubioflor: digestive disorders due to dysbiosis.
Guna-Digest + Guna-Liver: digestive hepatic disorders. Treatment of hepatopathy resulting from alcohol addiction.
Guna-Digest + Anti Age Stress: digestive disorders due to stress conditions.

Abrotanum 1X, Amylase, Pancreatic 2X, Angelica archangelica 1X, Anisum 1X, Ascorbic acid 2X, Colocynthis 3X/10X/30X/200X, Diencephalon, Porcine 3X/6X/12X, Duodenum, Porcine 6X/8X/12X, Gall bladder, Porcine 6X/8X/12X, Gentiana lutea 1X, Hepar suis 6X/8X/12X, Lipase enzyme 2X, Melatonin 4C, Niacin 2X, Nux vomica 3X/10X/15X/ 30X/200X/1000X, Pancreas suis 6X/8X/12X, Pylorus, Porcine 6X/8X/12X, Serotonin 6X, Thiaminum hydrochloricum 4X, Trypsin 2X
Tryptophan 6X