OMEOSPORT 2 x TubeS 4gm Granules

Guna SKU: GNA215
OMEOSPORT 2 x TubeS 4gm Granules-Urenus

OMEOSPORT 2 x TubeS 4gm Granules

Guna SKU: GNA215
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Metabolic stimulation of muscle fiber cell; ATP synthesis improvement; Anaerobic threshold elevation; Reduction of lactic acidosis; and muscle fatigue control.

Omeosport improves energy metabolism, giving more √ímileage√ď for your fuel. The rapidly dissolving pellets are absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth and go to the cellular level speeding up energy producing pathways.

Omeosport increases endurance, reduces recovery time, reduces muscle fatigue, soreness, and cramps. The low dose dilution makes it safe for competitions too.


3 pellets 2-3 times a day. During training period 3 pellets are recommended 30 minutes before training.

* Can also be taken during sport - e.g. 3 pellets during a marathon, long run etc.

Most common combinations:

Omeosport + Guna MD Muscle: stimulation of muscle fiber cell; sport medicine.

Omeosport + Guna-Matrix + Guna-Liver: liver drainage in patients suffering from serious lactic acidosis.

Omeosport + Guna-Cell: strengthening of the cell energy metabolism.

Ingredients: alpha-Ketoglutaricum acidum 6X, alpha-Lipoicum acidum 6X, Adenosintriphosphate 8X, Ascorbic acid 4X, Barium oxalsuccinate 6X, Beta vulgaris 2X, Cerium oxalicum 6X, Cis-Aconitic acid 6X, Coenzyme a 6X, Cysteinum 6X, Embryo suis 6X, Fumaricum acidum 6X, Ginseng 3X, Glandula suprarenalis suis 10X, Lacticum acidum 8X, Magnesium gluconate 2X, Malic acid 6X, Manganum phosphoricum 6X, Muscle tissue, Porcine 6X, Natrum oxalaceticum 6X, Natrum pyruvicum 6X, Pyridoxinum hydrochloricum 6X, Riboflavinum 6X, Succinicum acidum 6X, Thiaminum hydrochloricum 4X,