Homeopathic Remedies for Inflammatory Arthritis

by Urenus .

Heel Remedies for Inflammatory Arthritis

Dosage - take the above 3 times a day.

In Addition: Externally Apply:-

Traumeel S ointment applied liberally to affected joints (particularly applied liberally at night, covered with a cellophane wrap to inhibit evaporation and covered with a bandage to hold dressing in place). 

Heel Ampoules

If Degenerative Changes

If there are degenerative changes in addition use  with the Traumeel as above.

If Small Joints

If small joints are affected then take in addition:-

  • Rhododendroneel S - s particularly indicated for arthritic pains located in the finger and hand joints.

These remedies may be taken together as needed.

Additional Remedies:-

  • Cruroheel S take when there is an improvement of the total symptoms and signs

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