VIRUS 2 Tubes Containing of 4 Grams of Granules-Urenus

VIRUS 2 Tubes Containing of 4 Grams of Granules

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Uses:_ Viral infections with acute and chronic inflammatory presentation (intestinal, respiratory, urologic, dermatologic and gynecologic infections) and for the strengthening of the antiviral immune defenses in cases of natural response deficiency.

Directions: 3 pellets 2-3 times a day. In acute phases 3 pellets every 30 minutes for 2-3 hours.

Package size: Net Wt. 8 g/0.28 oz. 2 Tubes

Most common combinations:

Guna-Virus + Guna-Flu: anti-influenzal prophylaxis in patients with past recurrent viral infections of the upper, middle and lower respiratory tract.

Guna-Virus + Guna Anti Age Herp: strengthening of immune defenses in Herpes simplex I and II infections.

Guna-Virus + Guna-Flam: inflammatory diseases of viral origin.

Guna-Virus + Citomix: strengthening of non-specific antiviral immune defenses.


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