Sinestress N 30 Tablets

Tegor SKU: TGR095
Sinestress N 30 Tablets

Sinestress N 30 Tablets

Tegor SKU: TGR095
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Indications: Natural supplement that helps alleviate stress problems, helping to relax the nervous system.

Sinestress is a rhodiola-based supplement, used as a herbal medicine for centuries in various countries in Europe and Asia, where it grows in high-altitude polar-arctic and alpine regions. Historically, the Vikings used it to stimulate strength and physical endurance, and various populations in the Northern Hemisphere have used it to treat fatigue, poor physical stamina, nervous system disorders, infections, and to stimulate fertility.

In addition, Sinestress incorporates magnesium and B vitamins that are essential to keep the nervous system relaxed.

Dosage: 2 tablets per day.

300 mg of rhodiola rosea. 150 mg of magnesium citrate. 1 mg of vitamin B6. 0.8 mg of vitamin B12. 0.7 mg of vitamin B1.