EXTRABIOS 2 30ml Drops

Guna SKU: GNA094
EXTRABIOS 2 30ml Drops-Urenus

EXTRABIOS 2 30ml Drops

Guna SKU: GNA094
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Indications: For auxiliary treatment in Parkinson's disease.

Further Information: Parkinson's Disease. Numerous patients suffering from Parkinson's disease have benefited from an associated treatment with Extrabios 1 and Extrabios 2.

These products are used in combination; the rationale for this treatment stems from the principles of homotoxicological treatment, i.e. cell disintoxication and reactivation of the enzyme mechanisms.

Dosage: 10 drops 3 times a day, or 15 drops twice a day.
The two products must be used on alternate days (e.g. Monday Extrabios 1, Tuesday Extrabios 2, Wednesday Extrabios 1, and so on) for lengthy periods of time.

Composition: Extrabios 1: Ignatia D6/D10/D30/D200, Moschus D8/D10/D200, Calcium jodatum D10/D30, China D10/D30/D200, Sepia D4/D10/D30/D200, Galium D4, Lyssinum D15/D30/D200, Fucus D4, Solanum D4, Ac. phosphoricum D12/D30/D200, Sulphur D8, Aurum D30.
Extrabios 2: Cerebrum Suis D10/D30/D200, Selenium D30, Echinacea Ang. D4, Atropinum D4, Heloderma D12/D30/D200, Embryo Suis D10/D30/D200, Argentum D4.