R60 Blood Purifier Drops 50ml

Dr. Reckeweg SKU: RCK060
R60 Blood Purifier Drops 50ml-Urenus

R60 Blood Purifier Drops 50ml

Dr. Reckeweg SKU: RCK060
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Impurities of the blood, unclean skin (e.g. pimples), swelling of Iymph glands, blood purifying remedy. General improvement of the humoral composition i. e. of the blood and other vital fluids needed in all circumstances of illness and more so in protracted illnesses. Scrofulosis.


Preparation has a deep effect on the constitution, acting on the blood and Iymphatic glands. The connective tissue becomes more resistant by stimulating the endogenous immune system.

Conium: Enlarging and hardening of glands. Paralytic asthenia of limbs with tremor and sweat.

Galium aparine: General dyscrasia. Incarnate with tropic ulcers, diuretic.

Hepar sulfuris: Promotes healing of devitalised tissue as caused by pus, boils and abscesses. Scrofulosis, swelling of lymph glands, blood impurities.

Juglans regia: Blood purifier.

Sarsaparilla: Delayed development of children together with eczema.

Scrophularia nodosa: Scrofulos swelling of Iymph glands, Iymphatic constitution (hydrogenoid constitution). Great susceptibility to dampness, all symptoms are worse during cold damp weather


- 5 to 15 drops taken 2 or 3 times daily in water before meals

- Drops given according to age. In chronic cases 1 or 2 times daily


- To stimulate the immune response particularly in chronic conditions, compare R26

- In eczema: R23 and R21

- In tumours: R17

- In anaemia: compare R31

- In excessive perspiration: R32

- In TB of lungs: R48 and R57

- In acne vulgaris: compare R53