R73 Joint-Pain Drops 50ml

Dr. Reckeweg SKU: RCK072
R73 Joint-Pain Drops 50ml-Urenus

R73 Joint-Pain Drops 50ml

Dr. Reckeweg SKU: RCK072
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Osteo-arthritis especially of the large joints, arthritis of the knee and hipjoint, osteo-arthritis of the vertebrae.


The ingredients contained in this preparation influence the metabolism of cartilage in particular. Long term medication is necessary before definite improvement sets in.

This is best explained by the fact osteo-arthritis is a gradual degenerative process.

Acidum sulfuricum: Arthralgia in different joints. Markedly influences the metabolism of cartilage.

Argentum: Arthralgia associated with degeneration of joints.

Arnica: Painful joints.

Bryonia: Swollen, stiff joints, worse on movement.

Causticum Hahnemanni: Joint deformity associated with paralytic weakness and stiffness.

Ledum: Rheumatic joint pain, cramping pain in hip area.


- To begin with give 10-15 drops in some water 4-6 times daily

- After 2-3 weeks treatment the dosage may be reduced to 2-3 times daily


- Rheumatic pains, intervertebral disc lesions and osteo-arthritis of the spine: give additionally R11 on 2 to 3 occasions with R73

- In sciatica: give additionally R71

- In hypertrophy of the prostate gland: R25

- In backpain in the female: compare R50

- In osteoporosis: give additionally R34

- Acute arthritis: compare R1 and R24

- Rheumatism of the shoulder girdle, arms and hands: compare R46

- Topically apply Atomare-Beckeron R30 or Lumbagin R61 rheumatic ointment