Tartephedreel 30ml Drops

Heel SKU: HL495
Tartephedreel 30ml Drops-Urenus

Tartephedreel 30ml Drops

Heel SKU: HL495
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Indications: Bronchitis, particularly of asthmatic nature, bronchial asthma, cough (which hardly eases). Prolonged cough of scrofulous children, bronchial catarrh, laryngeal catarrh of different type, certain forms of whooping cough. All types of catarrhal affections of the respiratory tract.

Contraindications: The preparation includes an iodine-containing ingredient. In cases of thyroid disorder with reduced iodine tolerance use only on the advice of a physician.

Side effects: None known. Interactions with other medication: None known.

Dosage: In general, 10 drops 3 times daily; in acute disorders initially 10 drops repeated every 15 minutes, over a period lasting up to two hours.

Composition:- please contact us for details