Acetylsalicylsaeure 10 Ampoules-Urenus

Acetylsalicylsaeure 10 Ampoules

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Indications: Retoxic damage during or after salicylate therapy of polyarthritis rheumatica acuta et chronica or of primary chronic polyarthritis (PCP), retoxic damage during or after misuse of salicylates as pain killer or remedy for headaches; gastro- intestinal haemorrhages caused by salicylates, as well as gastritis with or without ulceration; glomerulonephritis acuta et chronica, as well as nephrosis. Myocarditis, vitium cordis, especially when associated with an attack of rheumatism (earlier, from which the patient may have recovered); damage to the connective tissues in general; somnipathy (damage to the mesencephalon); allergies (urticaria) and attacks of asthma after acetylsalicylic acid therapy.

Contraindications: Injeel forte: Hypersensivity to salicylate; third trimester of pregnancy, gastric and duodenal ulcreation.

Compositum: D10, D30, D200 0.367 ml each."