Acidum Cis Aconiticum 10 Ampoules

Heel SKU: HL006
Acidum Cis Aconiticum 10 Ampoules-Urenus

Acidum Cis Aconiticum 10 Ampoules

Heel SKU: HL006
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Indications: A tendency to catch cold easily, sensitivity to wind and temperature fluctuations, combined with cranial neuralgias, neuralgic toothache urticarial eczemas on the scalp. Sudden attacks of asthma, stenocardia (mostly associated with tachycardia). Pains at night in the bones also in the spinal column, ScheuermannÕs disease. All complaints occur suddenly, usually in the evening, and amelioration is obtained through dry warmth. Frequent change of mood, irritability, irascibility.

Composition: D10, D30, D200 0.367 ml each."

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