Causticum Compositum 10 Ampoules-Urenus

Causticum Compositum 10 Ampoules

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Indications: As adjuvant for burns of all kinds, radiation sickness, disorders after insertions of radium, telecobalt, radioactive isotopes, exhaustion.

Dosage: Solution: In acute conditions daily, otherwise 3-1 times weekly 1 ampoule if necessary

Composition: Solution: 2.2 ml cont.: Causticum Hahnemanni D3, Natrium diethyloxalaceticum D8, Acidum alpha-ketoglutaricum D10, Acidum fumaricum D10, Arsenicum album D10, Sulfur D12, Arnica montana D4, Pulsatilla pratensis D6, Embryo suis D10, Histaminum D18 22 _l each.