COMPLEX N.1 - 6 Tubes of 1 Gram

Guna SKU: GNA062
COMPLEX N.1 - 6 Tubes of 1 Gram-Urenus

COMPLEX N.1 - 6 Tubes of 1 Gram

Guna SKU: GNA062
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Guna Complex N.1 (Previously Called Guna Flu and Omeogriphi)

Uses: Prevention and treatment of influential and cold syndromes.


Prevention: 1 dose a week for at least 6 weeks starting from September to October. It offers an excellent protection against influenzal and para-influenzal viruses.

Treatment: start during the first 12-24 hours from the onset of the pathology, to treat the symptoms of cold and flu: 1 dose every 6-8 hours till remission of the acute phase.

Package Size: 6 Tubes Net Wt. 6g / 0.21 oz. globules

Most Common Combinations:

Guna-Flu + Citomix: anti-influenzal prophylaxis in immuno-deficient patients, or those experiencing recurrent influenza episodes.
Guna-Flu + Citomix + Guna-Cell: anti-influenzal prophylaxis in immuno-deficient patients or suffering recurrent influenza in the past, particularly elderly patients.
Guna-Flu + Guna-Virus: anti-influenzal prophylaxis in patients previously affected by viral infections of the upper, middle and lower respiratory tract.
Guna-Flu + Guna-Tonsils: anti-influenzal prophylaxis in patients, particularly children previously affected by tonsillitis or adenotonsillar hypertrophy-hyperplasia.
Guna-Flu + Guna-Flam: influenza with fever.
Guna-Flu + Guna-Noni: influenza with catarrhal bronchitis, especially in the
Guna-Flu + Guna-Cough: influenza with dry and productive cough, especially in children.
Guna-Flu + Guna-Sinus Nose Spray: influenza with sinusitis.
Guna-Flu + Guna-Rhino: influenza with rhinitis and rhinorrhea.


Aconitum napellus 5C, Anas barbariae, Hepatis et Cordis extractum 200CK, Asclepias vincetoxicum 5C, Belladonna 5C, Cuprum metallicum 3C, Echinacea angustifolia 3C, Influenzinum 9C

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