Cralonin Tropfen

Heel SKU: HL166
Cralonin Tropfen-Urenus
Cralonin Tropfen-Urenus

Cralonin Tropfen

Heel SKU: HL166
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Indications: Geriatric heart, sequelae of myocardial damage, nervous cardiac disorders, piercing cardiac pain, and cardiac pain of other types (e.g.,anginose complaints).

The physician should determine dosage in accordance with the individual needs of the patient.
Drops: Typical dosage for longterm therapy: 10-20 drops, 3 times a day; in case of acute symptoms, 10 drops every 15 minutes at the beginning of severe complaints (Caution: the patient should not take the medication in this dosage over lengthy periods of time without control by a physician).

Package sizes: Drop bottles containing 30 and 100 ml.
Composition: Drops: 100 ml cont.: Crataegus ĀÆ 70 ml; Spigelia D 2, Kalium carbonicum D 3 1 ml each. Contains 45 vol.-% alcohol.