DETOX 09 (LIVER) 30ml Drops-Urenus

DETOX 09 (LIVER) 30ml Drops

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Indications: This remedy can be used for the drainage and detoxification of the liver and bile tracts, in order to encourage the elimination of toxins and regulate bile production; it is also used in the treatment of inflammations of the liver and hypercholesterolemy.

It is advisable to drain and detoxify the liver for all cases of chronic diseases and disorders.

Other indications: the treatment of serious liver and gall bladder disorders, muscular disorders, aggressiveness and disorders caused by irritation and anger.

It is essential in the treatment of Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS); combine with Detox No. 7 (Hormonal Feed-back), Detox No. 6 (Energy Load) and Detox No. 13 (Kidneys).

Dosage: 10 drops, 4 times a day.
For debilitated or sensitive patients: 3-5 drops, 4 times a day.

Composition: Bryonia D6, Cascara sagrada D3, Chelidonium D4, Cholesterinum D6, Hepar 7CH, Juniperus communis gemmae D1, Lycopodium D6, Natrum sulphuricum D6, Phosphorus D12, Rosmarinus officinalis gemmae D1, Secale cereale gemmae D1, Vesica fellea 7CH