Hepar Compositum 50 Tablets

Heel SKU: HL271
Hepar Compositum 50 Tablets-Urenus

Hepar Compositum 50 Tablets

Heel SKU: HL271
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Discontinued Available in 30ml Drops


Stimulation of the detoxicating function of the liver in acute and chronic diseases of the liver/gall, e.g. cholangitis and cholecystitis; in functional disorders of the liver of toxic origin as cause or result of other diseases, in hypercholesteremia, erythematodes, toxic exanthema, dermatosis and dermatitis, neurodermitis and for the stimulation of the liver cell functioning.

Cholesterol Accumulation as a Driver of Hepatic Inflammation Under Translational Dietary Conditions Can Be Attenuated by a Multicomponent Medicine

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