Hormeel S 10 Ampoules

Heel SKU: HL283
Hormeel S 10 Ampoules-Urenus

Hormeel S 10 Ampoules

Heel SKU: HL283
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Functional disturbance of the female cycle. For the auxiliary medicinalĀ treatment of sterility. To regulate the function of the endocrine glands.


Solution: Initially daily, otherwise 3-1 times weekly 1 ampoule

Composition:Ā 1.1 ml cont.: Senecio nemorensis ssp. fuchsii D6, Acidum nitricum D4, Erigeron canadensis D3, Moschus moschiferus D6, Viburnum opulus D3, Pulsatilla pratensis D4, Sepia officinalis D6, Cyclamen europaeum D4, Ignatia D6, Thlaspi bursapastoris D3 0.55 Ī¼l each; Calcium carbonicum Hahnemanni D8, Aquilegia D4, Cypripedium calceolus var. pubescens D8, Origanum majorana D4, Nux moschata D6 1.1 Ī¼l each. Indications: