LYMPHO 30ml Drops-Urenus

LYMPHO 30ml Drops

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Lymphatic stasis (lymphedemas); extracellular matrix detoxification; inflammatory diseases of the lymphatic organs (lymphadenitis, lymphangitis); hyperplasia or hypertrophy of the lymphatic organs.

10 drops 3 times a day. In acute cases 10 drops every 30 minutes for 2 or 3 hours.
Package size:

30 ml bottle with drop counter
Most common combinations:

Guna-Lympho + Guna-Matrix + Guna-Liver: detoxification and drainage therapy in patients with good liver function.
Guna-Lympho + Guna-Matrix + Guna-Bowel: detoxification and drainage therapy in patients with good bowel function.
Guna-Lympho + Guna-Matrix + Guna-Kidney: detoxification and drainage therapy in patients with good kidney function.
Guna-Lympho + Anti Age Vein: venous insufficiency with lymphatic stasis. Guna-Lympho + Guna-Flam: trauma with serious extravasations; hydrarthrosis.
Guna-Lympho + Guna-Tonsils: lymph adenopathies.

Apis mellifica 8X, Calendula officinalis 1X, Capillary tissue, Porcine 6X, DL malic acid 6X, Equisetum hyemale 3X, Fumaricum acidum 6X, Graphites 6X/12X/30X/200X, Hydrastis canadensis 1X, Hydrocotyle asiatica 1X, Juglans regia 3X, Levothyroxin 6X/12X, Lymphatic vessel, Porcine 6X, Magnesia phosphorica 6X/12X/30X/200X, Myosotis arvensis 3X, Natrum oxalaceticum 6X, Natrum pyruvicum 6X, Phytolacca decandra 3X, Sarsaparilla 3X, Taraxacum officinale 1X, Trichinoyl 6X, Vein, Porcine 6X