Lymphomyosot 250gm Gel-Urenus

Lymphomyosot 250gm Gel

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Lymphomyosot Gel

Lymphomyosot is a homeopathic preparation which exerts the following types of activity lymph drainage, antiedemic, detoxification, immunomodulatory and anti inflammatory action.

It promotes metabolic processes and activates lymph outflow from the tissues resulting in elimination of toxic substances from the inter cellular space.
Indications: Lymphomyosot is used to treat the following conditions:
Lymphadenopathy, mesenteric lymphadenitis.
Chronic tonsilitis.
Hypertrophy of amygdales and adenoid vegetations.
Tuberculates intoxication.
Immunodeficiency disorder.
Allergic reactions.
Lymphohypoplastic diathesis
Diabetic polyneuropathy.
Elephantiasis, lymphatism, lymphatic edema.
Cardiac and kidney edema.
Complex treatment of malignant growth.
Contraindications and cautions
Do not use Lymphomyosot in hypersensitivity or allergy to its active ingredients.
Use this medication with in caution in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Gel: Apply 2-3 times a day.