R93 Tegor Bio 93 Immune System Fortifier 30ml-Urenus

R93 Tegor Bio 93 Immune System Fortifier 30ml

Dr. Reckeweg
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Dr Reckeweg Bio 93 (Formerly R93)

** PLEASE NOTE: ** All the Dr Reckeweg drops numbered from 82-93 are manufactured in Dr Reckeweg's Spanish Laboratories (Tegor Laboratories). They are sold and marketed under the Tegor brand name and are the same original products as before, just different packaging.

Dr. Reckeweg is a family-owned business whose origins can be traced back to the turn of the last century. Their drops are produced from raw materials of the highest quality and are strictly manufactured in accordance with the German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia, the European Pharmacopoeia and comply with international production standards.

Allium sativum D6, D12, Coecum D6, D12, Glandulae thymi D6, D12, Lymphocytes D6, D12, Medulla ossium D6, D12, Nodi lymphatici D6, D12, Splenum D6, D12, Tonsillae palatinae D6, D12, Tonsillae pharyngea D6, D12, Zincum met D10, D12.