SENECTUS F 30ml Drops-Urenus

SENECTUS F 30ml Drops

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For Females.

Indications: Senile asthenia (abnormal physical weakness or lack of energy.)
Strain dyspnea (difficult or laboured breathing.)
Memory disorders
Sleeping disorders
Anxious-depressive syndrome in the elderly
Mild vascular and coronary disorders

Dosage: 10 drops 2-3 times a day

Composition: Cerebrum suis D8, Melatonin D6, Hypophysis suis D6, Hypothalamus suis D6, Gl. thyreoidea suis D6, Thymus suis D6, Pancreas suis D6, Ovarium suis 200K, Corpus luteum suis 200K, Gl. suprarenalis suis D6, Serotonin D6, Tryptophan D4, Phosphorus 6/30CH, Phosphorus 200K, Vit. B1 D4, Vit. B12 D4, Vit. C D4, Acidum folicum D6, Eleutherococcus D4. Contains alcohol (30%).