Naturcolagen 300g

Tegor SKU: TGR069
Naturcolagen 300g

Naturcolagen 300g

Tegor SKU: TGR069
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Indications:Skin flaccidity. Prevention of articular cartilage degeneration. It improves the flexibility of tissues. It stimulates the endogen synthesis of collagen, skin, bones and joints. It increases the density of the dermis, it reduces the symptoms in arthrosis.

Antioxidant, necessary for collagen, synthesis. Powerful antioxidant against oxidative stress.

Dosage: Take two dose spoonfuls (10g) dissolved in a glass of water per day. 300g bottle - 30 doses approx. Dose spoon included.

Composition: Marine collagen hydrolyzate, 9 gr. Aristotelia chilensis (maqui), 200 mg. Vitamin C, 80 mg hyaluronic acid, 10 mg.

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