ANTI AGE DOL Tube Containing 4 Grams of Granules-Urenus

ANTI AGE DOL Tube Containing 4 Grams of Granules

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Indiations: _Modulation of pain of the locomotor apparatus

Combats and regularises painful arthritic and osteoarthritic symptoms.
Regulates bone calcium metabolism and activates post-traumatic and post-menopausal recalcification (in association with ANTI-AGE VIT). Activates regeneration of cartilage, allowing the patient to endure joint pain better.

Standard dose: 3 granules morning and evening, at least 15 minutes before meals.

Package size: Tube containing 4gr. Granules


Vaccinium Vitis D3, Ananassa Sativa D3, Oleum Jecoris Aselli D3, Cortex Surrenalis Suis 5CH, Vas Lymphaticum Suis 5CH/7CH, Thymulin 6CH, Cartilago Suis 5CH, Os Suis 5CH, Synovia Suis 5CH, ADN/ARN 4CH, Arnica 5CH, Rhus Tox 5CH and Bryonia 5CH.