ANTI AGE REG Tube Containing 4 Grams of Granules-Urenus

ANTI AGE REG Tube Containing 4 Grams of Granules

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Indications: Sleep regulation.
Gradually aids better rest and regularises sleep and dreams during the treatment.

Standard dose: 3 granules morning and evening, at least 15 minutes before meals.

Package size: Tube containing 4gr. of granules


Crataegus D1, Ballotta Nigra D3, Escholtzia D3, Lavandula D1, Melilotus D1, Citrus Aurantium D3, Cortex Cerebralis Suis 7CH, Hippocampus Suis 5CH, Epiphysis Suis 5CH, Melatonin 4CH/15CH, Serotonin 7CH/15CH, GABA 4CH and Adrenalinum 30CH.