APO REG Tube Containing 4 Grams of Granules-Urenus

APO REG Tube Containing 4 Grams of Granules

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Indications: It proves particularly effective in skin diseases (dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, scarring problems) with an autoimmune and / or retoxic etiology.

When it is necessary to regulate cell differentiation, the association with Embryo Rerio D4 has proved particularly effective.

Dosage: 3 granules 2-3 times a day

Package size: Tube containing 4 g of granules.

Recommended to take with: Anti Age Cut and Anti Age Stim

Composition: Viscum album D8, Gingko biloba D3, Echinacea angustifolia D1, Soya D3, Oryza D3, Malva D1, IL1-beta 7CH, TNF 4CH, IL6 4CH/7CH, Plantago D3, Sedum telephium D8, ADN 4CH/7CH, ARN 4CH/7CH, Sanguis suis 4CH