Belladonna Homaccord ad us vet 5ml 5 Ampoules (VET)-Urenus

Belladonna Homaccord ad us vet 5ml 5 Ampoules (VET)

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Diseases in the hyperemic stage, congestions and in ammatory-hyperemic processes, e. g. bronchitis, pneumonia, mastitis, phlegmons, furuncles, eczemas, acute metritis, sinusitis, external otitis, cerebral irritability (sunstroke).

Dosage: Solution: In acute disorders daily, otherwise 1 ampoule 3-1 times weekly


1 ampoule of 5.0 ml contains: Atropa bella-donna D4 0.025 ml; Atropa bella-donna D10 0.025 ml; Atropa bella-donna D30 0.025 ml; Atropa bella-donna D200 0.025 ml; Atropa bella-donna D1000 0.025 ml; Echinacea D10 0.025 ml; Echinacea D30 0.025 ml; Echinacea D200 0.025 ml.