NATUR 4 Face & Body Cream 75ml Tube-Urenus

NATUR 4 Face & Body Cream 75ml Tube

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Natur 4 - Revitalizing Face and Body Cream

Indications: _Natur 4 is an innovative cosmetic for the face and body, as it promotes a full revitalization of the skin.

It prevents oxidative damage, dehydration and aging of body and facial skin.

It is a moisturizing cream with a light texture and a pleasant silky touch, enriched with herbal and protein extracts, specifically selected to enhance the skin.
The skin becomes smoother, firmer and is kept well moisturised
Directions: Apply gently on the face and neck morning and evening before make up and after cleansing. Apply on the body after shower.

Key Ingredients:

Hydrolyzed Collagen: It revitalizes the connective tissue

Aesculus Hyppocastanum: It improves permeability of vascular endothelia

Connective Tissue Extract: It revitalizes the connective tissue

Embryo Extract: It revitalizes the skin by improving vascularisation

Hamamelis Virginiana: It has a capillary-protecting action

Placental Protein: It stimulates peripheral blood flow

Collagen: It stimulates the synthesis of the fibroblastic autologous collagen