NATUR 2 Vaginal Cream Tube 75ml-Urenus

NATUR 2 Vaginal Cream Tube 75ml

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Natur 2 - Moisturising External Vaginal Cream

Indications: Natur 2 is an ideal product for the external vaginal area.

It is a moisturizing cream with a light texture, enriched with protein extracts specifically selected to soften and hydrate the external vaginal area.

It enhances the moisture and the tone of the external vaginal area, thus protecting from excessive dryness.

Directions: apply morning and evening with or without applicator.

Key Ingredients:
Hydrolyzed Soy Protein: Rich in phytoestrogens it may compensate for the oestrogen's deficiency and relieves concomitant disorders

Embryo Extract: It revitalizes the vaginal tissue by improving vascularization Placental Protein

Placental Protein: It stimulates peripheral blood flow, with a trophic action on tissues