R25 Prostate Drops 50ml

Dr. Reckeweg SKU: RCK025
R25 Prostate Drops 50ml-Urenus

R25 Prostate Drops 50ml

Dr. Reckeweg SKU: RCK025
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Acute and chronic prostatitis and its consequences


Chimaphila umbellata: Sharp pains when urinating, frequent urge to urinate at night, pains running from the bladder down to the extremity of the urethra, bladder catarrh due to calculi.

Clematis: Inflammatory stricture, glairy urine but without pus.
Urination intermittent. Long waiting until finally emission, comes in drops with burning pain, followed by painless flow. Gonorrhoea, orchitis.

Conium: Paralytic asthenia, weak urinary stream.

Ferrum picrinicum: Nocturnal desire to urinate, urinary incontinence.General desire to urinate.

Pareira brava: Acute tenesmus, urination in drops, pain from the kidneys down to the thighs, gravel in urine, bloody and acid. Bladder calculi.

Populus tremul.: Urge to urinate with painful urination. Hypertrophy of the prostate gland.

Pulsatilla: Prostatitis, orchitis gonorrhoica, turbid and yellowish urine, hypertrophy of the prostate gland. Pain in groins.

Sabal serr.: Hypertrophy of the prostate gland with involvement of bladder, frequent urge to urinate. Painful urination.


- Generally 4-6 times daily 10-15 drops in some water before meals.

- When improving reduce the dose to 3 times daily 10 drops for a longer period until complete recovery.


- In acute prostatitis: additionally R 1.
- In cystitis-pyelitis: compare R 18. It may also be given in addition to R 25 if symptoms agree.
- In sciatica: see R 71.
- In nephrosis: see R 64.
- In concomittant arteriosclerosis: additionally R 12.
- In coronary sclerosis: additionally R 2.