R40 Diabetes Drops 50ml

Dr. Reckeweg SKU: RCK040
R40 Diabetes Drops 50ml-Urenus

R40 Diabetes Drops 50ml

Dr. Reckeweg SKU: RCK040
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Diabetes, pernicious anaemia and phases of degeneration centred in the blood and glandular system, such as leucemia, anaemia, Iymphogranulomatosis, but specially diabetes.

R40 lessens the secondary symptoms like: depression, agitation, flatulent sensations, lack of appetite, aggravation when the weather changes, thirst, itching etc.


In the insulin dependant diabetic a carefully measured reduction of the insulin units is possible after long continued administration of R40.

Acidum phosphoricum: Thirst, sexual impotence, psychic depression.

Arsenicum album: Unquenchable thirst, progressive exhaustion.

Lycopodium: Remedy of the liver, flatulence, swelling sensation.

Natrium sulfuricum: Remedy of the liver, specific action in case of aggravation in damp weather.

Phaseolus nanus: Sugar in urine, irregular cardiac action.

Secale cornutum: Thirst, prickles and paresthesia, longing for cold.

Uranium nitricum: Specific in diabetes of varying genesis


- As prolonged cure, 3 times daily 10-15 drops in a little water before meals.

- After some improvement reduce the dose to twice daily.


- In case of complications or other complementary symptoms the following remedies will apply.

- R1 inflammation, especially with carbuncles and bouls.

- R7 functional disturbances of the liver.

- R10 menopause, climacteric ailments and diabetes in old age.

- R19 or R20 as stimulant of germinal glands.

- R21 skin diseases (boils).

- R41 impotence and general lack of vigour in man.

- R37 constipation, intestinal sluggishness, flatuosity and meteorism.

- R42 venous stasis; varicose and inflamed veins.

- R31 lack of appetite; emaciation; pale complexion.

- Through the appropriate combination surprising results can be attained, even in cases of long standing